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Starting the writing of my first novel

So it seems that after many failed attempts at blogging, part of intending to write your first novel and promote it means starting a blog even before I have gotten half way through writing it. I didn't really think of how much other work was going to be needed, and initially only started writing to stop me from suffering from cabin fever while doctors investigate why I collapse every so often. So what have a learned so far. Well firstly to make sure I had a decent software package to collate all my ideas and write in. I am slightly dyslexic and my grammar is atrocious, so the software also needed to be able to help with that. I knew starting it that I would need some sort of copy editor, and on benefits here, this meant that when I get to the stage I am happy to hand it over for a structure and copy edit that I am going to have to rely on friends and family to help. I also thought that by writing a fantasy storybook novel for children between the ages of 8 and 14 would mean not …