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With only three days to go until the book launch, things are falling into place.  After some nerves about stock arriving i time - the hardback copies of Figmentasia have arrived this morning, with the paperbacks confirmed to arrive tomorrow.  Its not a lot of stock, but hopefully enough for Sunday's event.  I genuinely have no idea of how many are turnning up.

I'm getting really scared about having to read from the book.  I'm thinking about reading part of the chapter with the Godess Akila, but because it has lots of slugs in it, I'm not sure how that will go down in a cafe.  But the bit i want to read is probably one of the most exciting parts of the book.

Next week i will start posting books to schools in Hertfordshire.  With funds so tight it will probably only be two books a week posted out, but i have to start some where.

I will be doing my first radio interview next week on the 7th with Steffi on Shout Out Radio ,  so tune in at 7pm and give me the support.  Just…