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Pete Rackley and Hieroglyphs

Today I started to work on the final quest of Teban Thelba. It's rewarding to get to this point as it's what I am calling my Indiana Jones quest, temples with traps and phobias. A good friend of mine Peter Rackley is an artist who does the most beautiful ornate patterned artwork. I tentatively asked him if he would be interested in designing the temple hieroglyphs, symbols, and amazingly he said yes. This morning was a brainstorm and some design sheets made up.  Once Pete has come up with the designs, they will then be embedded into the artwork I do for the storybook version artwork.

I love it when iIget to collaborate with my artist and photographer friends.

Please check out Pete's Facebook page - his stuff is amazing.

Style and voice

I've got my act together and started writing again, not with vengeance, but definitely with purpose.  I have a few things concerning me though. Firstly, I can feel my style evolving as I write more and more, but what's concerning me is the voice of the piece. It's so plot driven and I don't feel like my heroine's voice is coming through. She needs to develop into wanting to be a fairy, but I haven't found that transition coming though. She's either resentful of turning into a fairy in the early chapters or wanting to be a fairy in the later chapters.

I keep hearing other authors voices from Youtube videos saying, "Complete your first draft before you edit". And so I keep writing. Some of the secondary charachters seem to have a really strong voice in my head, but Thelba still feels like he/she is developing, even though her arc and plot is all mapped out and the novel is over half way written.

I've also set myself a rule now. No storybook illu…


The past couple of days I have been really demotivated. I have averaged about 400 words a day. So I've tried to be productive. I did a video of how I make one of the watercolour backgrounds and whacked it on Youtube (I will try and embed it at the end of this.

I started to spell check what has been written so far (Aprox 67000 words) by putting it into Grammarly. That app is amazing, so much better than word or scriveners default service. And it's free.