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Busy busy busy

With only five chapters left to rework for the second draft before it goes to the editor Samme Kehinde, my brain is starting to have to think through the process of marketing the book.  A number of ebook authors on youtube seem to encourage publishing short stories or excerpts of the book for free.  Taking the advice into account, I am thinking of putting the first three chapters of Figmentasia on Amazon for three.  I also have a handbook which I have used as a reference for myself whilst writing, which I think could be of use to teachers and parents, as well as eager minds who want to learn more about the world of Figmentasia. So this will be the second freebie.

Through the website and facebook page, I will promote these freebies and try and drive traffic from these to the sales fo the actual book.

I've had the costs of printing flyers and posters done to distribute to schools and libraries.

I'm also starting to put feelers out to friends who speak other languages to get tran…

Lesson's in point of view

So every writer seems to be saying the same thing.  Draft two is where you actual writing gets done.  Having gone through what I have written and now starting to reshape what I have done, I can see exactly what they mean.  I complained that there were stretches of the writing I didn't like, and the main cause of that is now apparent.  Draft one has so much head swapping in each scene.

What do I mean by head swapping?  A scene I wrote about bullying utilised the four people in it sharing their thoughts on the page.  It was confusing.  I have now rewritten it so it's all from the Thelba's (the lead character) perspective.  Her character is experiencing the situation and is the character I need to go through the biggest learning ark.  Teban Thelba needs to go from wanting to be a boy, to wanting and yearning to be a girl.  The fight is able for me to internalise the inception of her changing her perspective, something that has been troubling me.

I keep referring to it as scul…