Busy busy busy

With only five chapters left to rework for the second draft before it goes to the editor Samme Kehinde, my brain is starting to have to think through the process of marketing the book.  A number of ebook authors on youtube seem to encourage publishing short stories or excerpts of the book for free.  Taking the advice into account, I am thinking of putting the first three chapters of Figmentasia on Amazon for three.  I also have a handbook which I have used as a reference for myself whilst writing, which I think could be of use to teachers and parents, as well as eager minds who want to learn more about the world of Figmentasia. So this will be the second freebie.

Through the website and facebook page, I will promote these freebies and try and drive traffic from these to the sales fo the actual book.

I've had the costs of printing flyers and posters done to distribute to schools and libraries.

I'm also starting to put feelers out to friends who speak other languages to get translations done, so fingers crossed I can pull that one off, without breaking the bank. I will talk more about that as it happens.

A big shout out has to go to my friend Sophie Ings who has been keeping me motivated and clear-headed through the last two weeks


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