Deadlines aproaching

I have the paperback's ISBN number and next week will have the Hardback's one.  So much to do before the target April 23rd publishing date.  I'm still waiting for the edited version to come back to me so I can make the final tweaks.

On Friday of last week, I gave ten copies of the unedited version of Quest for Truth to ten test readers.  8 Children and 2 adults.  The children (Aged between 10 and 14 seem to be loving it, the adults have made no comment yet.)

I'm also pushing ahead full throttle on tow short books to tie in and give away for free through Amazon Books.  One is a compendium of all the characters and places, giving a different view of the world of Figmentasia.  The second not started yet will be a short story about Queen Denmilate and her rise to power.


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