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Book Launch

So you can purchase the hardback from Foyles website in the UK.  All the companies selling the hardback have an "OUT OF STOCK" notice, but you can still order the hardback.  Because of print on demand, apparently this is how it works.

I managed to book a wonderful little venue for the book launch in Watford. See poster below.

Published !

Well, it's finally arrived. Figmentasia: The Quest for Truth has been published.

The whole self-publishing process has been challenging.  Ingram-Spark does things completely differently from Amazon.  Ironically most people find Amazon easier to format and upload their books.  I found Ingram Spark a lot easier.

Now comes the hard part of marketing the book.

There is a presskit now set up on the Figmentasia website.

The SHOPpart of the website is also functional now, to make it easier for people to purchase the books.