Lesson's in point of view

So every writer seems to be saying the same thing.  Draft two is where you actual writing gets done.  Having gone through what I have written and now starting to reshape what I have done, I can see exactly what they mean.  I complained that there were stretches of the writing I didn't like, and the main cause of that is now apparent.  Draft one has so much head swapping in each scene.

What do I mean by head swapping?  A scene I wrote about bullying utilised the four people in it sharing their thoughts on the page.  It was confusing.  I have now rewritten it so it's all from the Thelba's (the lead character) perspective.  Her character is experiencing the situation and is the character I need to go through the biggest learning ark.  Teban Thelba needs to go from wanting to be a boy, to wanting and yearning to be a girl.  The fight is able for me to internalise the inception of her changing her perspective, something that has been troubling me.

I keep referring to it as sculpting a clay statue.  The rough shape of the body is there.  Now I am going in and reshaping and adding detail and bringing everything into more focus.  I'm not sure If I can make my deadline that I have set, but it's certainly a rewarding experience.


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